Reasons for Itchy Skin

During the menopause, women’s skin dries up and becomes parchment like. Due to this it gives a flaky appearance and it feels tight. The flakiness is the result of dried skin cells that accumulate on the surface the skin. This in turn causes itching due to dead cell accumulation and bacterial and/or fungal infection caused by these dead cells on the skin.

Itching and Menopause

Do not assume that all itchy skin is always due to menopause. Though itching and menopause are definitely connected, there are many other factors that can contribute to itchiness, and hence the doctor’s diagnosis would be the most important guiding tool. It is important to know immediately what the reason for the itchiness is so that the right treatment can be followed.

Dehydration and Itchy Skin

The main factor that connects itchiness and menopause is dehydration. The skin becomes dry and flaky because of lack of moisture. This moisture can be replenished in two ways, externally and internally. Externally there are a number of good moisturizers in the market which are fortified with AHA and vitamins (C, A and E). For those who do not like cosmetics, you have a choice of herbal treatment in the castor oil which is very efficient. To improve on its smell, you can dip lavender, pine essence or peppermint into it. To replenish moisture internally you should drink six to eight glasses daily, at regular intervals.

Other Factors which Bind Itching and Menopause

Menopause is the time when the body is very reactive to all substances. Hence, you should be careful that nothing increases toxification in your body. You diet is very important in this matter, and so are your habits of drinking and smoking. Your diet hence should consist as much of possible of vegetables and nuts and ensure that you are having sufficient intake of vitamin B group.

Vaginal Itching and Menopause

Menopause has been known to cause vaginal dryness, which in turn can become itchy. To get relief from this, you may like to use moisturizing creams which contain vitamin E or even castor oil. However, you will need first to ensure that the itchiness is not due to any fungal or bacterial infection, for which you will need medical attention.

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