Menopause and Hair Loss - One of the Most Devastating Side Effects

What can be more devastating than a woman in her forties loosing her hair? Menopause is known to cause hair loss in women which is indeed one of the greatest tragedies in any woman’s life. The good news is that menopause and hair loss is not a very common pair. There are other symptoms of menopause that are more common such as hot flashes, anxiety attacks, night sweats, and so on.

Is menopause the only reason for hair loss? Unfortunately, no. There are many reasons for hair loss among which one can be quoted to be menopause. This is why menopause and hair loss is not really considered a serious pair. However, menopause could trigger malfunctioning in the thyroid gland, which in turn can prove devastating on hair. When a thyroid problem occurs, side by side with extraordinary weight gain, you will tend to loose hair heavily, including eyebrows and eyelashes hairs. In case you experience sudden weight gain along with sporadic hair loss, it would be a good idea to check on the thyroid gland.

What can be done about it?

Menopause and hair loss has been the reason for many discussions, studies and research. Nothing much can be done about it, other than symptomatically treating the causes. In this case, by hormone replacement therapy coupled with potent herbal treatments which promote hair regeneration and prevent hair loss.

There is an exhaustive list of herbal treatments that can be helpful in hair regeneration though they are slow to pick up. It takes two to three months to see any results, and in this time, people usually change the medication thinking that it does not work. It is very important for the treatment whether it is for menopause and hair loss, or any other reason, to wait for a minimum for 2-3 months before you decide to change the medication.

What else should one know about menopause and hair loss?

There is very little research done connecting menopause with hair loss, because it is actually not very often encountered. If you have diagnosed with the reason for hair loss attributed to menopause, a simple hormone replacement therapy will help. However, before going into any treatment you should ensure that you exclude fungal infection, bacterial infection, dandruff and even stress as causes for hair loss. Only then will the treatment really be effective.

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