The Side Effects of Using Premarin - a Menopause Drug

Menopause can be a trying time in a woman’s life. With all the high serge of hormones it is to understand why. While it may seem that the only option available is to suffer in silence, this however should not be the case. Instead menopause should be time where you get all the help you need.

Most woman have opted to use different methods like using a menopause drug, but few really take the time to actually investigate what the menopause drug side effects are. It is only in your best interest to know what you are putting into your body and what reaction your body will give in return.

The menopause drug currently raving in the market:

The most common menopause drug that is available off the counter is premarin. The purpose of this drug is to curb the constantly annoying and increasing hot flushes. While this drug may have its uses, it is also said to be made of horse urine. To increase the concern the prescribed menopause drug premarin is only produced through the urine of pregnant mares. This indeed is an eye opener.

Side effects:

The most complained about side effects of premarin are headaches, vaginal bleeding, joint pains and nausea. However this is just a brief of the side effects that you can experience with this menopause drug. The reason for this is because the premarin menopause drug is made from conjugated estrogen. What this means is that estrogen is collected and made into a pill so as to help you curb most of the symptoms of menopause. In the long run it seems that you will have to decide if the menopause drug is really worth all the trouble.

Other alternatives:

It might not seem logical to ask a woman going through menopause to consider finding something other than premarin to help her through the difficulty of menopause. But in order to have the best handling you need to find an alternative menopause drug. This need not be a drug per se as it could be in the ways of getting and maintaining a healthy diet that is specially tailored to meet your needs.

Mother Nature must have made provisions for women who undergo menopause as it is indeed a phase that all women will go through. So by finding other alternative you will ensure that you receive the best of nature while taking care of yourself. You do not have to be dependent on a menopause drug to go through this vital phase in your life. And you do not need to suffer in silence either.

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