Menopause Hot Flashes is an Unexplained Menopausal Symptom

I have seen women being mortally scared of the onset of menopause. Most of them have seen their mothers totally irritated and watched them suffer through menopause hot flashes and alternatively get drenched in night sweats, which can be a terrifying thing. However, menopause hot flashes are not exactly the worst you will encounter on this road. There are much more serious symptoms during this time the discomfort of which outweigh that of the menopause hot flashes.

Hormonal Imbalance during the Pre Menopausal Stage

Just as in puberty there is an onslaught of hormonal activity in the body of the budding woman, at menopause there is an irregular formation of the hormone causing it to slowly diminish. With the depletion of hormones in the blood, mood swig become more and more apparent. At one time you may be on the top of the world, and the next moment you would in the pits. The worst outcome of the mood swings is that it totally baffles those who are dear to you and many times, because they are not equipped to adjust to such behavior, nor are able to explain it, relationships break off.

What we know about Menopause Hot Flashes

Unfortunately, not very much. We know that it occurs just before the menopause and that it can strike at any time, day or night. However why exactly it happens nobody can really say with surety, yet. One thing is sure though – it has a lot to do with estrogen formation. Women who experience menopause hot flashes get instant relief when treated with estrogen replenishment. It was also observed that menopause hot flashes occur more in American, Australian and Western European women. The rest and particularly Asian women have fewer attacks of menopause hot flashes, though nobody knows exactly why.

Menopause Hot Flashes as a Medical Enigma

The medical researchers know that menopause hot flashes have to originate from the brain where the thermostat of the body is located. However, why the thermostat is turned high fro some women and not so in another is not yet understood. The research that is being carried out on mice is highly inadequate in terms of human application since mice do not actually get menopause. They reproduce till they die which make them the wrong model for testing.

Some reports have explained that there is a core zone which in a neutral zone in the brain. This zone is about 0.7 degrees F and is available in all humans. Now, if the core body temperature goes above it, it cause sweating (overheating) and if it goes below it will cause shivering (cold). It has been observed that women who have hot flashes have this neutral zone shrunk the almost nothing. Hence, the slightest rise in temperature can cause a massive heat up of the body. The enigma still remains in finding out why in some women the neutral zone disappears.

HRT as the Solution for Menopause Hot Flashes

Hormone replacement is still the best and fastest relief giver, though it cause high concerns in the long run use due to the danger of cancer. However, till we find a better solution HRT will be on the books, though prescribed and taken with great caution.

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