Menopause HRT- The Most Common Menopause Remedies Available

Menopause is a process that all women have to go through sooner than later and as with puberty, it is good if they are prepared to face it squarely in the face when it arrives. It is important to understand the mechanisms of menopause before going any further.

The main culprit in menopause

The reason why menopause is so uncomfortable is the depletion of estrogen from the blood stream as a result of the ovaries’ gradual shut down. Now, as soon as the estrogen levels fall, a series of chain reaction start inside the body. The hormones influence the temperature regulation and create hot flushes and night sweats making the woman totally miserable; worst still making it very hard to sleep.

The lack of sleep in turn affects the moods, which culminate into depression bouts. All these happen because the levels of hormone in the blood start decreasing. Hence, the normal reaction would be, “make the levels up again”.

The menopause HRT treatment

This is exactly why the modern medicine prescribes HRT or hormone replacement therapy for the immediate alleviations of menopause symptoms. The menopause HRT is indeed one of the best possible treatments that are available today in terms of time of relief. The therapy provides almost instant relief which allows the women to get back to their lives with the least of inconvenience.

For those who know what means to spend nights awake you will appreciate the efficiency of the menopause HRT treatment. This is why this is one of the more popular if not the most popular methods of treatment for menopause.

The downside of menopause HRT treatment

Though it is true that it acts fast and it eliminates the symptoms almost overnight, it is also true that HRT can promote cancer and blood clotting both with fatal results. This is why women moved away from the treatment in search of safer but as efficient treatments.

Many plants offer the estrogen content that the menopause HRT replaces in the blood. These plants are rich in phytoestrogen (plant estrogen) which makes alleviates the symptoms as good as the synthetic hormone replacement. The HRT is slowly pushed out of the alternative for treating menopause specifically due to this purpose. Thankfully, there are a number of feasible choices available. Doctors also prescribe the HRT in combination with the natural treatments in order to diminish the risks involved.

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