A Menopause Natural Remedy is Better Than Any Other

The HRT was once upon a time the darling of treatments for women who are experiencing menopause. However, after medical research proved beyond a doubt that HRT has risks of promoting cancer and blood clots in women, alternative treatments were sought with a vengeance. It is but natural to go to nature for answers when people fail in their man-made avenues. Fortunately, Mother Nature is equipped well for it.

Grandmother’s remedies are still working well in the 21st Century

There are many herbal medicines that are knows from ancient civilizations for counteracting menopausal problems. These medicines are today re-discovered by modern man and used to make herbal preparations. These are easily available in the market. However, a word of caution here regarding a most popular myth, i.e. herbal medicines does not have any side effects. Au contraire, menopause natural remedy can have reactions as serious as synthetic medicines, and hence any medicine herbal or otherwise should be taken with caution and under medical supervision.

Herbal HRT

One of the worst problems with women going through menopause is the hot flushes. This is usually treated with replacement of hormones artificially. There are a number of plant food products that have phytoestrognes which are very easily absorbed by the body. This will protect the woman from the disastrous side effects that synthetic HRT exposes them to. There are also herbs which promote natural estrogen production in the body rather than topping it up. Whatever the treatment you choose, this is one menopause natural remedy with which you will win hand down.

Menopause natural remedy

There are many herbal treatments which will focus individually on one symptom at a time. Some women for example suffer greatly from hot flushes; this symptom can be easily treated with a diet heavy in soy products. Having soy in small quantities at least twice daily will work wonders with hot flushes.

Reducing bone density is another symptom and side effect of menopause. You will find the red clover pretty good in helping in this area, as well as hot flushes. The red clover has a very high level of phytoestrogens (plant estrogen) and it is known to stimulate mucus production and purification of blood among others.

Mood swings and depression is another major affliction for women who go through menopause. Here you can take the help of the black cohosh. It is exceptionally good for calming anxiety, mood swings and depression while at the same time it also helps with reducing the severity of hot flushes.

There are many, many a menopause natural remedy out there that is waiting to be re-discovered by women. Thankfully, the modern man has started acknowledging the wisdom of the past generations and is incorporating this is alleviating and treating many diseases.

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