What is The Best Menopause Remedy Today?

Menopause is an affliction that has haunted women from time immemorial. In ancient times it was recognized as the devastating ailment it is and it has a number of natural therapies to alleviate some of its worst symptoms so as to enable women to carry on with her life even in the midst of this crisis.

In the meantime man chose to ignore the ancient wisdom of our ancestors and proceeded to ignore them for a long time while he thought that he has mastered the Universe. When the synthetic medicines were found to provide as much headache and risk as much as relief, man turned back to the ancient medical science to seek answers to modern afflictions as well as the age old afflictions that have affected people.

Natural menopause remedy – the best there is today

Initially, the moment a woman was thought to be in the pre-menopause stage, she was put on HRT (hormone replacement therapy). The symptoms against which it was taken were so very painful, that the women did not argue much with the doctor, even after knowing that they are taking on serious risks. That changed drastically once it was found that there is an alternative available to it which is as effective, if not more as well as one which eliminates all the cancer and blood clotting risks of HRT – welcome the natural menopause remedy.

Looking at it from the point of availability, side effects and efficiency, natural menopause remedy wins hand down over any synthetic treatment. The challenge remains however, in whether it is pursued correctly and consistently.

The pitfalls of natural menopause remedy

The natural menopause remedy does not usually need a prescription. The medicines are sold over the counter and many times are taken as an experiment more than as a treatment for cure. Hence, people so not have enough patience to wait and let it work; rather they shift through different preparations and sometimes invite more trouble than help.

A word of caution

The natural menopause remedy is indeed the best there is on the market. However, it is many times slower than you would like it to be, In case you really want it to work, you will have to give it time. Three to four weeks is a good time for the natural menopause remedy to show some results. Also, when you use natural menopause remedy, ensure that you stay as much as possible on vegetarian food and away from caffeine and alcohol. Abuse of any of these would mean delay in results.

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