Easing the 'change of life': A Menopause Solution

A menopause solution can be as varied as those experiencing menopause itself. In this brief article, we will discuss menopause and some of the solutions available to those suffering from menopause. A menopause solution can be a literal lifeline to many women going through this process. There has been some controversy, however, as to whether or not such a solution can even exist.

Menopause is the ceasing of the ovaries of estrogen production. Basically, the body stops producing estrogen and the reproductive system in females gradually begins to shut down. As the female body adapts to the changes in the hormones, symptoms such as “hot flashes” and heart palpitations start to occur. Psychological symptoms are on the way as well, such as depression and massive mood swings. Women also experience erratic menstrual cycles.

The Onset

Menopause has its onset at or around the age of fifty in most females, but there are exceptions and some women do enter menopause somewhat younger. One percent of women experience menopause before the age of forty and this is caused “premature menopause”. There are causes of premature menopause including chemotherapy, thyroid disease, and other possible autoimmune disorders that could affect the natural processes of the body’s systems.

A menopause solution is often a medical treatment for the symptoms of menopause and a medical professional prescribes this using the information from the woman’s individual case as well as standard cases. Many menopause cases are unique, and so the menopause solution is also unique. Doctors run a series of tests on the patient and their symptoms to determine what types of medications or therapies can be prescribed.


Hormone Replacement Therapy is a popular menopause solution. HRT has been used to reduce the weakening of the bones caused by menopause and helping to offset possible osteoporosis which is often linked to post-menopausal women. After several tests, however, many of the women taking HRT or similar therapies for menopause were found to be at greater risk to other disorders such as breast cancer and heart disease.

It must be questioned, then, as to whether or not a solution is better than the actual disorder. Many women view menopause as a natural stage of life as oppose to the commonly understood medical diagnosis of it as a disorder. This outlook changes the psychology of the menopause sufferer and often serves as a coping mechanism for those women needing help getting through this difficult and sensitive time.

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