Menopause supplements

During Menopause Supplement Diet, Vitamins and Minerals are Necessary

Menopause is one of the most difficult times in a woman’s life. The hormonal imbalances brought on by the menopause cause a lot of disturbing effects such as hot flashes (which is one of the worst symptoms of pre-menopause), bone brittleness, dry skin, wrinkles, heavy/scant bleeding, and calcium loss and so on. Most of these can be combated with certain supplements, provided this is done on a regular basis and in the right way.

Hormone Menopause Supplement

One of the best therapies is the hormone replacement therapy. This actually is a menopause supplement which provides almost instant relief. The HRT provides the fastest relief possible by complementing the loss of hormone in the same measure as it is depleted. However, the concern arises sometimes here, that replenishment of estrogen and progesterone chemically may cause cancer. Hence, people are always on the look out for safer alternatives.

Herbal Menopause Supplement

The plant kingdom has better and safer alternatives for women to use as menopause supplement. The soy food extracts are particularly rich is plant estrogen. You may take the soy products raw or cooked. The isoflayones that are present in the soy are exceptionally good for relieving hot flashes. Another good source of isoflayones is the pomegranate. Estrogen occurs in many other plants, i.e. red clover, licorice, don quai, ging seng, seaweeds and ginko are some examples.

A number of readymade mixtures are freely available in the market which contains the right mix of soy and flax seeds. These are generally used for digestion, but these are also a fantastic source of natural estrogen.

Medical research also found the consuming nuts (almonds, peanuts, walnuts, etc) also alleviate menopausal symptoms to a large extent. A diet rich in calcium and minerals is highly beneficial not only in relieving the aggravating symptoms but also counteracting the harm that menopause does to the body.

Oral and External Menopause Supplement

There are a number of supplements that are administered orally in the form of pills. These are usually contraceptive pills prescribed to women who are pre-menopausal to regulate and slow down the menopausal symptoms. There are also a number of ointments are creams that are recommended to be applied locally (for example to reduce vaginal discomfort caused by dryness, or itchy skin cause by dehydration, etc). All these medicines are chemical in nature and should be discontinued once the symptoms have reduced.

Whenever you choose, you should keep in mind that the natural alternatives are always safer. On the other hand, the chemicals are fast acting and bring great relief. Your choice should be a perfect balance between the two and to be able to take the right decision on what menopause supplement is the best for you, you should always be in touch with an experience medical practitioner.

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