The menopause symptom - friend or foe

Though menopause is actually a phase in a woman’s life just like puberty and pregnancy, etc. it’s always seen as an acute ailment. This is mainly because it comes accompanied with a host of distressing symptoms which confuse and pain not only the woman who is passing through it, but all her near and dear ones as well.

The First Signs

It all starts with highly irregular periods. You may get it twice and even thrice a month, and you can also get one in three months. The bleeding can be minimal or can be heavy or it can alternate between heavy and less. All of it will trouble you to no end, when you will start thinking whether you are having any uterine problems. But when you visit the doctor you will find (most of the times to your relief) that each one of them is actually a menopause symptom.

Coping with Menopause

The menopause, as mentioned earlier, is just a passing phase in a woman’s life. What is needed is to recognize the menopause symptom early so you can cope with it mentally more than physically. If one is prepared for it, then it is easier to handle the onset of the symptoms than when you are not. This is true because the worst menopause symptom is not physical but mental. Women get unusually low spirits during this time, with wild mood swings that scare even them, not to mention those who live with them.

The Menopause Symptom

Handled right, everything can go smoothly from pre-menopausal to post menopausal with the least of convenience. First you need to recognize the symptoms. The physical part will consist of irregular periods mostly. The irregularity simply implying that the egg factory is closing down. Along with this, you may or may not get hot flashes and night sweats. The bad news is that hot flashes and night sweats can last for as long as five years, though medical research is trying to unlock the mystery and find a remedy.

The Mental Pressure of the Menopause Symptom

The worst part of menopause is not the physical discomfort; it is the terrible mood swings that it is accompanied with. Some medical research attributes the depression and mood problems with the lack of sleep that is caused by the hot flashes, while some other to the hormonal imbalances that occur at the time of the menopause. Whatever may be the right reason, this menopause symptom is the most scary and difficult to cope with.

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