Menopause Treatment - Ways and Means to Regain Control

Menopause can throw a woman’s life totally out of control. The advent of the moods swings, hot flashes and night sweats and intermittent bouts of depression will make most women feel completely lost. This in itself is a terrifying thought and when added to the rest of the symptoms it can have overwhelming mental results. However, thankfully, menopause treatment medication and other treatments successfully counteract most of the symptoms.

Irregular Periods

The onset of the menopause is heralded by irregular periods. While some will be as often as three to four times a month, some will come once in three to four months. These would be accompanied by cramps and be either heavy or very scant. The best menopause treatment for this is with oral contraceptives which help not only in regularizing the menstrual circle, but also reduce the intensity of the hot flushes and even mood swings.

Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

One of the most dreaded physical symptoms of the menopause is the hot flush. Depending on whether the woman has menstrual bleeding or not, there is adequate menopause treatment for this affliction. For those who are having their periods, oral contraceptives have proved to be very beneficial; while for those who have stopped having their periods, there are oral and trans-dermal ways to administer estrogen. There also combination therapies that has both estrogen and progesterone which can alleviate up to 90 percent of the symptoms.

Mood Swings

The majority of women experience wild mood swings and have trouble staying in control of their lives due to heavy depression bouts. These are very scary because not only it baffles the woman who simply cannot understand why burning of toast makes her burst into tears; it definitely terrifies those around them as well. First of all it needs to be understood as a symptom of pre-menopause; then only the right menopause treatment can be given.

Alternative Menopause Treatment

Besides medical treatment, there are a number of alternative treatments which are 100 percent herbal which have proved to be as good if not better than the medical treatments. Besides, exercise and right diet also help tremendously in alleviating the negative effects of the pre-menopause. The best menopause treatment however is the self understanding and acceptance of the body mechanism change. Once you come to terms with it, the rest of the road will be easy.

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