Menopause weight gain and the factors that cause it

Women fear weight gain by default. They fear it even more when they are in the threshold of menopause because it is a well known fact that menopause weight gain is a surety that cannot be fought. But is this really true? Let us check the following few facts on what exactly causes menopause weight gain.    

Main causes of menopause weight gain

Menopause brings with it a number of factors that directly contribute to weight gain. These are (i) lesser estrogen (female hormones) due to which the metabolism slows down, (ii) treatment with hormone replacement therapy which raises appetite and retention of fat, (iii) natural metabolism slowing that comes with advancement of age; (iv) lack of exercise due to depression and mood swings, and lastly but definitely not the least (v) increased appetite due to mood swings and depression attacks.

Estrogen deficiency and menopause weight gain

There is an undeniable connection between the lowering of the BMR (body metabolism rate) and the gradual deficiency of estrogen during the menopause. Though there are cases when the opposite happens, most of the time women put on weight rather than thin down as they experience a higher appetite coupled with the low BMR.

In order to avoid this, first of all you should be aware that it can happen to you. Then, you should ensure that you keep your diet on the same lines as it was before the pre menopause stage. Also, you would do great if you check your thyroid levels. You may find them low in which case you are at risk of putting on weight fast. In case it is low, you will need to be treated with thyroid hormone replacement.

Menopause weight gain and Hormone Replacement Therapy

Ironically the treatment of deficiency in the estrogen levels also causes weight gain. HRT has been found to cause sudden bouts of hunger as a result of which there is considerable weight gain. It is good during this time to keep a close watch on what your eating habits are; cut down on fat intake and raise your fiber intake. If you find that even with all the precautions the HRT causes gradual weight gain, you should consult with the medical practitioner and adjust or totally stop the treatment.

It is good however to adopt a low fat diet as well as get into a moderate exercise routine. A high fat diet is likely to create a lot of problems with cholesterol formation which is a major concern for women going through the menopausal stage.

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