Menopause Weight Loss - Simple Steps to Achieve the Impossible

There are many symptoms that are utterly dreadful during menopause; some of them are easily treated and some are difficult. In the ‘difficult’ bracket falls fighting weight gain during the pre and post menopausal period. In this article we will look at the methods which may help every woman not only to fight weight gain, but actually reverse it.

Which factors really influence menopause weight loss and gain?

Cheer up! The answer is YES. In order to understand how to achieve menopause weight loss you have to first understand why you are gaining it in the first place. Everybody loves to blame menopause for weight gain. Okay, it is true that menopause is one of the major players in this affliction. But it is definitely not the sole player. So, who or what else plays major roles in weight regulation of the body?

Age: This is a big factor which slows down the metabolism rate in the body for which it is normal to have a substantial weight gain over the years. The fact that menopause is one of the first signs of an aging body, conveniently ties it up to weight gain, while ignoring the obvious. It is easier to accept weight gain because of menopause than old age!

Thyroid problems: Unfortunately around the time a woman reaches menopause, the thyroid gland also decides to play up. The problem is that menopause overshadows greatly all other problems pale in comparison, hence the other cause fade into the shadows. Weight gain can be substantial if the thyroid is unable to regulate the absorption power of the body anymore.

Sedentary life style: Menopause hits women when if they are career women they have reached a position when they do not need to run about anymore. Most likely they will have a couple of assistants to run all types of errands for them. The lack of exercise is another great factor in weight gain during menopause. If they are home makers they will have the kids all grown up and self-sufficient – again the right time to sit, eat and indulge your self in leisure.

Genetics: Last on the list but definitely not the least are your genetics. If your family has had history of obese or overweight people, chances are that you will too join their ranks.

Menopause weight loss is possible

While looking carefully at all the above factors, you can see that each can be counteracted easily. The slowing down of metabolism can be helped with vigorous exercises; thyroid problems can be counteracted with adequate treatment; sedentary life style will be helped again through exercises as well as genetics. The menopause weight gain is actually a combination of the above factors. Hence, if you are careful enough to search the answers, menopause eight loss all of a sudden does not look so impossible.

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