Natural menopause vs Induced Menopause

Menopause is a dreaded word in any woman’s vocabulary not only because it indicates the fact that she is aging (age has been the worst enemy of women from the beginning of time) but also for the fact that it comes with a host of complications that stresses her life further.

Usually, when the menopause strikes, she is a successful career woman with demanding teenage kids and a complacent middle aged husband. Even if she chose to be a home maker, she would be too totally entrenched in the daily chores of the house and the providing of all comforts to all her family to be able to take a break and indulge in her annoying pre-menopause symptoms.

Natural menopause

Natural menopause by definition would be the menopause that comes to the body of a woman naturally, without any outside interference. This would normally take place around her 40s and can carry on until the woman reaches her 50th birthday. It is a slow and very painful process, even though there are a host of remedies available on the market today.

The onset of the natural menopause will totally depend upon the inner clock of a woman in whose body it strikes, very similar to the clock that brings on the onset of puberty in girls.

Induced menopause

There are a number of ways whereby a woman will have induced menopause. The most common is the removal of the ovaries and uterus by surgery. There are many medical conditions that will require the removal of the uterus and ovaries (for example cancer), and with their removal, induced menopause will almost immediately strike.

Other conditions where induced menopause can happen is when the woman undergoes radiation or chemotherapy which directly affect the ovaries.

The basic difference between natural menopause and induced menopause

Menopause is menopause, whichever way you get. The only basic difference between these two ways of getting it, is that you will prepared and well informed when the induced menopause comes into your life. On the other hand, natural menopause catches most women off guard, in spite of knowing most of the symptoms.

This is because they never feel old enough to be menopausal, and tend to ignore or make he symptoms less important in their minds in their effort to deny the fact that menopause may have set in, or is setting in. Unfortunately, only the conditions become severe that the woman accepts the natural menopause as the truth.

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