Natural Menopause Treatment - The Choice of Millions of Happy Women

Ever since the HRT had been declared potentially risky for menopausal women, women have looked high and low to replace the synthetic medicines with natural ones. Fortunately, the natural therapies were not only easy to get, but also easy to follow and highly efficient.

Soy products - the highest rated natural menopause treatment ingredient

The soy beans contain phytoestrogen (plant estrogen) which is very easily absorbed in the human body. Hence, soy food products such as cakes, soy milk, soy chunks, soy burgers, and so on provide great relief to women the world over. The most important symptom it fights against is the hot flush which actually is he most annoying of all the menopause symptoms put together.

Soya products are challenged only by flaxseed which comes in close second in treating menopause symptoms successfully. Both these natural ingredients have natural estrogen which replenishes the loss caused by menopause, hence alleviating most of the symptoms.

Vitamin supplements as part of natural menopause treatment

Vitamins and minerals are also playing a vital role in moderating the severity of the symptoms in menopausal women. Having a diet containing green leafy vegetables, cheese, low fat milk, salmon and plenty of water will go a long way to relieve the majority of the symptoms caused by menopause.

This is possible because such a diet will provide Vitamin E, C, D and B complex among others which help in alleviating the symptoms of menopause. Minerals like magnesium act as relaxant, while most of the vitamins increase the body’s strength against the ravages of menopause.

Live as natural as possible - another natural menopause treatment

Hot flushes is one of the most annoying and uncomfortable symptoms of menopause. This symptom can be relieved to a very large extent if you follow simple and natural living guidelines:

* Wear light cotton clothes if summer, cotton underwear if in winter; allow only natural fibers touch your skin, because it enables your skin to breathe * Drink plenty of water (6 to 8 glasses per day) * Avoid altogether caffeine, alcohol, diet pills and the like; rather get into the habit of having chilled or hot milk as per your preference. Milk is known to be a highly efficient relaxant * Do not take cheese, red wine or chocolate at dinner time as these are more likely to trigger hot flashes than any other food * Use well ventilated rooms with air conditioner or extra fan for the time hot flashes attack at night

These are but simple methods of natural menopause treatment which if followed diligently will definitely help you lead a normal life when during the difficult menopausal years.

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