Pre Menopause Symptoms can Help you Stay in Control

Menopause is a change in the body that comes with age just as the puberty. Puberty is expected to start anywhere between 12 and 15 years of age, and the menopause sets in usually at about 45 years of age (though in some case it starts as early as 35). For women puberty sets in motion the fertility of her body and the menopause shuts it down. As in puberty, menopause too comes with a number of warning signals which are called pre menopause symptoms. Identifying these symptoms in time will enable you to be prepared for menopause.

The First Signs of Menopause

The first pre menopause symptoms are usually the mood swings along with highly irregular periods. Though there are other medical reasons that would show this combination of symptoms, if you are around 40-45 years old and you experience this set of symptoms, chances are that you have entered the pre-menopausal stage. This stage can be short and sweet of about one to two years, or it can last from five to ten years. Depending upon the general symptoms this could be a minor or a major irritant.

There are other early signs of menopause. The skin gets drier, sexual appetite decreases to a large extent and you get hot flashes and night sweats which can be terrifying at times. Each one of these pre menopause symptoms can be alleviated with the right medication today. The important thing is that it should be referred to the medical practitioners.

The Depression is the Worst Pre Menopause Symptom

There is a massive hormonal imbalance occurring in the body during the pre-menopausal stages. Due to the hormone problems there are massive mood swings and bouts of depression attacks at the most inopportune moments. The psychological effects of the pre menopause period are perhaps the worst possible symptoms that a woman has to go through. The depression attacks are sudden, unpredictable and quite violent. It can make one burst into tears over a broken glass or any such trivial happening totally baffling the woman herself and those around her.

The depression is also accentuated by the fact the woman feels a decrease in sexual interest and feels overall very unattractive. During this time it is important that the spouse and children rally around her and help her come to terms with themselves, and the tumultuous period she is passing through.

Forewarned is to be Forearmed

A woman can decrease to a large extent the impact of the pre menopause symptoms if she is able to read them properly in advance and take care to alleviate their worsening. There are plenty of ways to ease these symptoms through medication, as well as herbal supplements. Hence, awareness on what to expect and what should be done when it happens are very important if a woman wants to have an easy transition from pre menopause to post menopause period.

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